Public Record

In an effort to ensure that Olmsted Township is fully compliant with the Ohio Public Records Act, all members of the Board of Trustees will be made aware of all public records requests in order to have an opportunity to review and track all public record requests and responses and to seek legal counsel if any Trustee or the Fiscal Officer deems it appropriate.

Prior to releasing public records, the Fiscal Officer and/or the Assistant to the Fiscal Officer will notify all members of the Board of Trustees and work with the chair of the Board to determine the appropriate response.  The chair of the Board will act on behalf of the other members of the Board of Trustees.  If the request is in writing (including electronically), the request should be forwarded by email upon receipt.  If the request is verbal, the notification of the request should be sent in an email.  All notifications of requests for public records should be made the same day the request is received or within 48 hours if either the Fiscal Officer or the Assistant to the Fiscal Officer is not on duty on the day of receipt of the notice.  Timely notification is critical to the appropriate handling of the request.

Once the request has been fulfilled, the Fiscal Officer will maintain a clear record of the person/ entity requesting the documents (if available), the date the request was made/ fulfilled, and the documents released with any redactions.

In accordance with the Ohio Public Records Act, Olmsted Township currently has a Public Records Policy that allows the public access to information concerning the conduct of the people’s business.

Resolution 026-2015 (PDF) – updated public records policy.

Request for records may be made during regular business hours in writing or verbally to:

  • 7900 Fitch Road
    Olmsted Township, OH  44138
  • Attention
    Fiscal Officer
  • Phone
  • Fax

A fee for copies may be charged, which covers the direct costs of duplication incurred by Olmsted Township. Currently, that fee is $.05 per page, $.10 per double-sided page, and at cost for other media. In addition, you may be charged for postage or other delivery costs. Payment may be made prior to your processing request.  It is our policy to waive charges for duplication of 25 pages or less.

If you have questions regarding access to public records or the Public Records Policy of Olmsted Township, please feel free to contact either the Fiscal Officer or a member of the Board of Trustees.

Olmsted Township, Public Records Policy, updated February 25, 2015.