Olmsted Township ParksParks Initiative

Our Olmsted Township Story...

Olmsted Township is a growing community with 16,000 residents and a small but thriving business group.  Its diverse population base includes young families vested in the community and schools, boomers who have raised families but remain in their homes, and seniors many in manufactured homes, apartments, and condos.  It is ex-urban in nature with green space and an ambiance that reminds residents and visitors of small towns of the past.

Until the development of the comprehensive Parks Initiative in 2020, there were no parks or formalized plans for parks located within Olmsted Township.  The Parks Initiative provides a plan for parks to serve a wide variety of needs and groups; active parks with playgrounds and picnic areas, passive parks for quiet enjoyment and scenic views and a park for dogs and their owners/handlers.

This comprehensive Parks Initiative is, in part, a response to the recommendations of residents who completed an online survey, a component in the development of Olmsted Township’s Strategic Plan 2018-19.  On another front, the COVID pandemic has highlighted the need for outdoor facilities to maintain physical and mental well-being compromised because of the sense of isolation experienced this past year.