File of Life

The Olmsted Township Fire Department (OTFD) has adopted the “File of Life” Program. This is a public outreach program provided by the OTFD in partnership with Southwest General Hospital and University Hospitals. This nationally recognized program is designed to assist first responders with the rapid identification of a person’s medical history and prescribed medications. There are no fees to participate in this program.

The “File of Life” is a two-sided medical card (Photo 1) that is kept in a “Red Labeled Plastic Pocket” (Photo 2). The medical card lists the patient's name, emergency contacts, medical problems, medications, dosages, allergies, doctor’s name, and hospital information. The “File of Life” is held on with a strong sticker on the outside of the refrigerator. Emergency responders who see a “File of Life” decal (OTFD logo, Photo 3) on the front door to the residence will know to look for the “File of Life” pocket when responding to medical emergencies. This program has many benefits and we have outlined some of those below.

Benefit to each individual who participates in the “File of Life” Program:

  • Peace of mind knowing they will have prompt and quality care
  • Assurance that proper persons will be notified quickly
  • Correct medical treatment can begin at once by the first responders

Benefits to the Emergency Responders:

  • Instantly knowing the medical history of the person you are called to treat
  • No wasted time obtaining information from a confused/ incapacitated person
  • Easy access to potentially life-saving information on the patient

Directions for using the “File of Life”:

  1. Print all Medical Information on the medical card in pencil (dosage or medication information may change and need to be updated)
  2. Place the “File of Life” pocket on the outside of the refrigerator door
  3. Place copies of all Advance Directives inside the “File of Life” pocket along with the completed Medical Information card.
  4. Place a “File of Life” decal (OTFD logo) on the top portion of the front door to your residence, above the door handle (same side as the door handle) as seen in Photo 4.

“Files of Life” are available at the Olmsted Township Fire Department, located at:
26900 Cook Road (on the corner of Cook and Fitch Roads)
Olmsted Township, Ohio 44138.

If you are not able to come to the station please call 440-235-3746 and we can make arrangements to provide them to you.

If you have any questions regarding the “File of Life” or need assistance please contact the Olmsted Township Fire Department at 440-235-3746 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.

File of Life

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Medical Card (Photo 1)

Photo 1

Plastic Pocket (Photo 2)

Photo 2

File of Life Decal (Photo 3)

Photo 3

Top portion of the front door (Photo 4)

Photo 4