Southwest Enforcement Bureau (Swat Team)

When a critical incident occurs in Olmsted Township, the Division of Police calls on a team of officers that have received specialized training and are specially equipped to deal with dangerous situations such as hostage situations, barricaded persons, high-risk warrant service, explosive devices, and heavily-armed criminals. This team is called SWAT for Special Weapons And Tactics. These officers are assigned to other police duties full-time and respond as SWAT to emergency incidents when they occur.

The SWAT team is a partnership with many of the police departments in the southwest portion of Cuyahoga County and is called the Southwest Enforcement Bureau (SEB). SEB consists of a tactical team, a hostage negotiation team, a sniper/scout team, and a bomb team. This pooling of resources allows Olmsted Township to have a large amount of technical police knowledge and manpower to handle any critical police situation that occurs.