Volunteers in Police Services (VIPs)

Program Description

Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS)

The Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) Program is a highly structured volunteer program that falls under a para-military hierarchy. The VIPS Program is for interested citizens who wish to volunteer their time as non-sworn, non-paid members of the department. (Police Volunteers are not sworn members and do not have any authority or duties that would consider them a peace officers). The volunteer commitment for all volunteers lasts for a period of one year with a requirement of thirty hours per year but may vary depending on the needs of the department or the project to which the volunteer is assigned.

We are anticipating utilizing the volunteers during races, special events, targeted traffic details, and other general assistance that our agency may need. There are some things that may disqualify you from the program that are included in the OTPD VIPS Handbook, which is included below.

Applications and information are included in the links at the bottom, which you may bring directly to the department or Email Me. If you have any questions pertaining to the program, please include them with your application email.