Current Projects

Stearns Road Reconstruction/Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission Project Number 43-23-03

Engineering and design for the Stearns Road project, which will include road widening and bridge projects. The tentative timeline from the County is as follows:

  • February 15, 2023: NTP (cannot close Stearns bridge until April 1 at the earliest).
  • March 13, 2023: Tree clearing to start (1 week to complete).
  • April 7, 2023: Tentative Stearns bridge closure (after Jennings base repairs are done).
  • August 2, 2024: Part B – Stearns Road – substantially complete.
  • September 29, 2024: Construction completion “anticipated”.

Nature Trails and Dog Park

The Nature Trails and Bark Park, located on 30 acres on Schady Road near Sharp Road, will be handicap accessible. It will consist of two fenced areas – one area for large dogs and one for dogs under 30 pounds. Will include bench seating, shade tree plantings, a parking lot, trash/pet waste containers, a covered shelter, and water stations. We are seeking grant funding and private donations for this project. At the beginning of June, we were awarded $300,000 through the State of Ohio.  Anticipated completion date to be determined.

New Township Signage Program

In accordance with the 2018 to 2019 Township Strategic Plan, Gateway Signage was placed at Township borders throughout the community. Future locations to come thanks to a $46,000 CDSG grant received from Cuyahoga County Council. This grant will complete our gateway signage program.

Cares Act Funds/American Recovery Act

Olmsted Township received almost one million dollars in CARES funds to address COVID-19 in the workplace and community. We have earmarked all funds and will complete them by December 31, 2021.

As of May 2021, we are awaiting the Department of Treasury’s determination for “Township” eligibility for the  American Recovery Act.

Property Demolition Fund

Received $175,000 in 2018 for property demolitions throughout the Township. Project complete. Building Department works with County Land Band/Fiscal Office on availabilities.

In May 2021, Olmsted Township was notified by the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Fund that additional funding is available.

Comprehensive Master Plans

Land Development Projects

  • Gates Village Phases I and II of home construction are complete. View the Gates Village Site Map (PDF).
  • Belmont is currently in County planning for pre-plat approval. Proposed to have 64 home sites. View the Belmont Site Map (PDF).
  • Schady Reserve is completed.
  • Pembrooke All lots are sold in Phase 3. Phase 4 was presented to the Board of Zoning Appeals on May 19, 2021, for variance approval. The Developer is working with County for County approval.
  • Galway Bay is completed.
  • Grand Oaks is 95% completed. 1 lot is still available.
  • The Sanctuary/Preserves (John Road) Phase 1 is under road and sanitary is under construction. The Pump Station is completed.
  • Renaissance Nursing Facility Phase I is completed. Phase II is in review. The parking lot is completed. Phase II is under construction.
  • Southwest General Hospital Medical Building is under construction.
  • Garland Development (school property) Public Hearing held on April 29, 2021. Township zoning approved. A developer working with County for County approval.
  • Garland Development (Stearns/Schady)
  • Willow Grove is in litigation. Awaiting 8th District Court of Appeals Decision.