Branch Chipping

2024 Residental Branch Chipping Program

Click here for the 2024 Branch Chipping dates.

The Olmsted Township Public Service Department is now in its fifteenth  year of providing a Branch Chipping Program to our residents. From April through October, branch chipping takes place on the last Monday of each month, with the exception of May, which will be picked up the Tuesday, May 28, 2024. If participation by residents exceeds our normal work hours, we will continue the branch chipping on that following day.

Please note the following requirements for your branches to be picked up and chipped:

  • If you have an open ditch in your front yard, you must place branches as close as possible to your driveway apron so Service Department personnel can safely get your branches to the chipping machine from the apron.
  • This service is for residential material; not for material left by a contracted tree service.
  • Do not hinder traffic or pedestrians with the branches that you set out.
  • Leave branches as long as possible.
  • Lay branches parallel to the street with the cut ends facing the direction of traffic, piles must not exceed 3′ in height. View the How to Lay Branches (PDF).
  • No branches wider than 10 inches in diameter will be accepted.
  • Do not tie or bundle.
  • No roots, vines, or stumps are acceptable.
  • No branches shorter than three feet in length will be accepted. Branches less than three feet in length can be considered yard waste and place – separate from your rubbish – with your weekly curbside items in one of the following three ways:
    • Place loose branches into a can marked “yard waste”,
    • Place in brown kraft bags, or
    • Securely tie branches in bundles, not exceeding 3 feet in length or 40 pounds in weight.

It is always helpful if you can notify the Public Service Department in advance if you will have branches on chipping day by phone at 440-235-1011 or Email Public Service Department.

Also, if you would like any of our fresh chipping materials, please contact the Public Service Department at 440-235-1011 or Email Public Service Department. You will need to complete and sign a Right of Entry Agreement (PDF) and return it to the Public Service Department prior to receiving chipping materials.

Important – If you see that your branches have not been chipped and it is because you did not comply with one or more of our chipping requirements, we will leave a notice at your home indicating the reason(s) your branches were not picked up. Unfortunately, due to time and budget restraints, we will not be able to return and chip your branches until the next month. (Remember that no chipping takes place from November through March).

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact the Public Service Department at 440-235-1011.