Storm Water

Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works (CCDPW) is preparing a local storm water master plan.

The Public Service Department works to maintain the Township’s catch basins in order to keep them open and in good condition.

Not only is it important for rainwater to freely flow through the Township’s catch basins (sewers), but it is also important to know what should not be flowing through catch basins.

The simplest way to remember is Only rain down the drain (PDF). Examples of common storm water pollution that would be harmful to water passing through the Township and on to Lake Erie:

  • Construction Debris
  • Automotive fluids
  • Erosion
  • Paint
  • Pesticides
  • Litter

Remember, it is illegal to dump or discharge waste or pollution into storm drains! So, do the right thing and make keeping storm water clean part of your job.