Snow & Ice

If there is a snow and ice emergency, call the Police Department Dispatcher at 440-235-3335. If Public Service needs to respond, Dispatch will page the Director.

During the winter months, the Olmsted Township Public Service Department works to keep roadways open and safe for the motoring public. The Township uses only 100% rock salt when pre-treating roads and during snow events.

Olmsted Township’s Public Service Department has a dedicated crew. These men operate 24/7, plowing snow and spreading salt. Their years of experience with northeast Ohio’s winters have taught them well – “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” Each snow and ice season, the Township’s fleet of trucks is ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Wintertime reminders for Olmsted Township residents:

  • Snow parking bans go into effect any time snow exceeds 2 inches.
  • Keep fire hydrants clear of snow – this can save time as well as a home or a life.
  • Shoveling/blowing/plowing snow out onto the roadway creates a hazard – you may be cited.
  • For safety’s sake, do not allow children to build and/or play in the banks at the road’s edge, in the roads, or in the center of cul-de-sacs.
  • It is the responsibility of the landowner not to place any obstacles in the streets to prevent the plows from plowing to the street’s edge (keep garbage cans in your driveway right-of-way).


Cul-de-sacs present a special problem for the snow removal crews.  Plowing in cul-de-sacs will be done to create a passable lane so that residents and emergency equipment will have access during the snow event.  Snow left in the center will be removed periodically after an accumulation of snow, as long as there is a passable lane.


While it is the Public Service Department’s goal to clear snow from the roads safely and without incident, it is possible that some residential mailboxes will suffer damage from contact with a snow plow.

Our primary concern is that mail service does not get interrupted for any resident. If the postal carrier is unable to deliver mail because of damage to your mailbox, a temporary mailbox can be provided until repairs or a replacement is made.

If your mailbox was damaged by contact with an Olmsted Township snow plow, your mailbox will be repaired or replaced. If damage was caused by snow or ice hitting your mailbox, or due to deteriorated materials, repair or replacement is the responsibility of the resident.

Residents are encouraged to make sure their mailboxes can withstand heavy snow thrown by passing plow trucks. We thank you for your understanding when damage does occur and hope that the situation will be resolved quickly.